Be a Star!

Are you a dancer or a dance troupe in the Second Life® virtual world? Become involved with this new television show - TriMovies Dance!™

How would you like to be a part of something unique and original that will present your dance troupe to BOTH worlds?  Real Life discovers Second Life in a brand new ingenious television program.  Have you ever sat in SL and watched a RL television show?  Well prepare for entertainment in reverse as people in RL sit and watch a SL television show!  Starring YOU!

TriMovies presents TriMovies - Dance!, a cutting edge television show, shot in SL and aired in RL.  Our goal?  To show people who have never seen SL the astonishing creativity our cyber world inspires.  We want to share the unlimited human imagination of SL artists and performers with this dynamic production.

TriMovies - Dance! is more than a television show, it is also a contest!  Our first season will feature twelve dance troupes in a contest that promises to be fun and exciting!  How does it work?  You register your troupe to participate.  Your troupe will create and perform a dance, along with eleven other troupes, to the same original song selected by our producers.  Original songs will be chosen from popular SL singers.  Six dance performances will air per show, for two shows.  Real Life people who have never been in Second Life will watch these performances and eliminate one troupe per show.  The remaining ten troupes will then be given a second song to create a dance to, presented on the shows with more eliminations.  This will continue until the last remaining troupe wins this provocative competition!

What's in it for you?  You will have fun. You will get a lot of exposure. You will meet people and draw new fans to your venue! You will help us introduce SL® to a fresh new audience and amaze and delight them with your talents. You will do what you love to do: entertain people in an intriguing medium that will be unique and new to them.

The rules! Please fill out the TriMovies™ Dance Tryout Submission Form to register yourself or your troupe as a participant. Then wait for our Talent Coordinator to contact you in Second Life. You must be able to meet a deadline, as come show time, ready or not, the show must go on! This is about adventure. It's about trying something new, just for fun! You may enter a solo, duet, or group performance to represent your troupe. This is your chance to show the world your skills and share with them the possibilities SL makes available to us all. You represent our virtual community! We hope you will take part in this opportunity. Please bear in mind, you may continue through right to the finale! That will mean a total of twelve dance creations.  Just bring us your personal best and prepare to go down in history!